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LGBTQ+ Christmas RomCom Featuring Kristen Stewart and Dan Levy

Let’s talk have a talk. It’s long overdue for an LGBTQ+ film featuring a lesbian couple to go mainstream. As Ragamalika Karthikeyan puts it in her article in The News Minutes, “It’s really difficult to find some mindless pseudo-inspirational high school not-really drama if you’re looking for tips for lesbianing.”

Karthikeyan notes that TV shows and movies like Cheerleader, Orange is the New Black, and I’d add She-Ra and Garnet from Steven Universe, but now we might be adding a new Kristen Stewart movie to our list of favorite LGBTQ+ films. More excitingly, it’s going to be a Christmas movie!

The movie features gay icons Kristen Stewart as the main Lead, Dan Levy, and Mackenzie Davis, alongside Mary Steenburgen, Victor Garber, Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaze, and Mary Holland.

“I think I’ve wished to see a gay Christmas romcom my whole life,” Stewart said to People in her interview. “I’m so happy and proud of Clea for bringing this into the world.”

According to The Mary Sue, “The plot of the film sounds typically romcom—as it should—but also uniquely queer. Abby, played by Stewart, wants to propose to her girlfriend, Harper, over the holidays as they visit her family… but it seems she’s not actually out to her family and thus drama and (we hope) hilarity ensues.”

As director Clea Duvall has stepped behind the camera to create this quirky, queer Christmas tale, she says, “I’m a huge fan of Christmas movies, but I had never seen my story represented… Happiest Season felt like a great opportunity to tell a universal story from a new perspective.”

Hallmark, take note. You’re a few years behind.

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