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Sleepless in San Francisco by Ryan Field

It is hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since the classic romance Sleepless in Seattle warmed the hearts of theatergoers.

Best-selling M/M author Ryan Fields, gives us his unique reinterpretation of this classic theme with Sleepless in San Francisco.

When young Noah Richardson sends an email to the producers of the home renovation show Dream Away, he has no idea that the host of the show, Jonathan Haynes, will be intrigued and touched by his sad story. Noah, his recently-widowed father, and their black lab, Tucker, have relocated to San Francisco to start a fresh new life and heal their wounds. And their new house is in dire need of renovation.

Jonathan Haynes is desperate to find an interesting house to film for the show. So he gets on a plane and flies to San Francisco the day after he reads Noah's email. But Jonathan soon finds out that Noah's father, Ed doesn't know about Noah's email and he has to convince him to do the show. The fact that Ed and Jonathan wind up on the living room floor having passionate sex during their first meeting doesn't help.

Ed finally agrees to do the show. By the time construction begins, Ed and Jonathan can't get enough of each other. They start having secret encounters to satisfy their desires, never realizing they are building a solid relationship at the same time.

Then a series of events takes control of their lives and changes them all forever. Ed's not sure what to do. He's in love with Jonathan, and he can't get enough of Jonathan's body. But he feels guilty about starting a new relationship with anyone. So he wrestles with the conflict and begs for a sign to help him decide what to do, which leads to a surprise ending that none of them
could have predicted.


No Safewords 2 by Laura Antoniou

Laura Antoniou's consensual world of owners and slaves known as The Marketplace has been thrilling readers of BDSM fiction for over 25 years. In that time she has invited other authors to come "play in her sandbox" more than once. In this second anthology of "fanfiction" set in The Marketplace, 18 stories explore both familiar favorites and brand new characters, and delve into many of the themes that run through the series including service, sadomasochism, and the need to belong.

The authors range from award-winning novelists to fanfic veterans to bright-eyed new folks and their stories here run the gamut of genres including crime fiction, paranormal, and romance. Fans of erotic fiction may recognize the names of Elizabeth Schechter, LN Bey, Erzabet Bishop, and Soulhuntre.  Karen Taylor, an erotica writer and also Laura's wife, contributes an introduction to the volume, as well.


Burn the Stage: BTS by Marc Shapiro

There are two sides to the BTS story. The all too familiar rags to riches odyssey in which seven young South Korean boys (RM, Suga,V, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook) emerge from obscurity to become true superstars in the pop music universe. Of equal importance was the relationship between the wide-eyed group members and the forward-thinking head of their record company, Bang Si-hyuk, which resulted in newfound freedom and a new way of creating the K-Pop sound. Both of these elements and more are the subject of the book Burn the Stage: The Rise of BTS and Korean Boy Bands by New York Times-bestselling author Marc Shapiro.

This timely look at BTS and the K-Pop genre, told in quotes and anecdotes from BTS, delves into the history of K-Pop music, its pivotal twists and turns, insights into the modern K-Pop training and audition process, as well as the rise of BTS and their personal and professional development on the road to worldwide popularity.

Author Marc Shapiro acknowledges that making the BTS story more than a mere rehashing of familiar material was a challenge. "This was an opportunity to follow the story of what many considered ‘The Next Big Thing’ hand in hand with the group in fairly real time. Seeing what they experienced as it happened rather than looking back on their lives years later. There was a sense of immediacy that appeared more in tune with the way the world turns now. Which is fast.”

As with the current state of pop culture, BTS and the K-Pop world are constantly evolving and presenting new challenges and ideas. Burn the Stage: The Rise of BTS and Korean Boy Bands chronicles BTS in the now. There will certainly be a future.


Accidentally Gay by Lucky and Wolsey Bradley

When Lucky Bradley married his wife 25 years ago, he had the happily ever after he’d always wanted. Then, 20 years into their marriage, he found himself in a same sex marriage, as his wife transitioned from wife to husband. True love wins out as they explain what this means for them and their relationship in Accidentally Gay, the blog that chronicled the day-by-day transformation of this happily married couple.

When Wolsey married Lucky, he never thought he could be his true self. After 20 years, he took a chance, and transitioned female to male. To his joy, his husband accepted him, and was his biggest cheerleader throughout the process. But most of all, he loved him throughout the arduous physical and emotional process.

Some love stories do have happy endings.


Loving Dreams by Trinity Blacio



She should have been more careful about what she wished for...

Tracy Wilmot never expected all those years in her room reading about worlds that she wished were real might come true. She was the quiet one of her family--not an overachiever like her sister or adventurous like her brothers. How she ended up in this mess was beyond her!

Four men, one human and three aliens, had found their perfect mate. But can they live with each other? With a world to save, each of them must work together to conquer their personal issues. Sal, Gresan, Evav and Seth need to learn to be a family before it is toolate--something that isn't going to be easy with four dominant personalities.

Even if they are successful, that doesn't guarantee that Tracy will accept them. They need a plan to convince her that part of saving the world means also having a future.

Can Tracy accept that sometimes dreams do come true--especially when it involves four very protective men?

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