February Horoscope

by Sèphera Girón


A great time to begin yet another new project. New romance is possible as well so look your best wherever you go!



That thing you’ve been procrastinating about is calling to you. This time listen so that you can get it out of your life. Romance is in the air so keep upbeat and flirty.


You might need to be forgiving during this time as some people aren’t as intense as you. Focus on a new project or person to relieve some of that tension.


So many choices, what to do, what to do? Pick one at a time and see it through. As for dating, use your power of witty flirtation to get what you want.


Though you may have some stress on the inside, on the outside, you’re sociable and ready for adventure. Try not to get preachy if you’re a teacher or championing a cause, relax, people listen to you.


As the seasons change, so does your home décor. Get creative with your home transformation. You never who will be sitting on your sofa next!


The seasons are changing, and this means getting some new furniture or furnishings. You likely had some on order, so now’s the time get it done so you can show your friends. You’ll might meet someone at an event this weekend for either a fling or a friendship. 



Have you finished all those other projects you’ve been putting off before you begin something new? Delegate what you can and then get the rest tidied up, so you can move on. Use your charm to attract a great date for the weekend.

There’s a lot of frantic energy surrounding you, some of your own making, some from others demanding your attention. Take a deep breath and lose yourself for a day or two with a romance or something creative. 


It’s time for a bit of self-love and pampering. Take a jacuzzi or free-think in a floatation tank. Let your guard down once in a while so that romance can come in.




You get what you give most of the time, so this is a good time to be generous to others, even if you don’t always agree with what they do. If you’re looking for romance, your unique energy works for you this weekend.

Sèphera Girón is an author, astrologer, tarot card reader and actor. You can find her at sepheragiron.ca

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