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You know how hard it is to get the right kind of attention from empathetic readers who know the value of a female book-loving audience!  We have rates, availability online and market depth for major trade publishing houses to indie self-publishers to spotlight your latest books and help you reach just the right audience.

Our extensive reviews, book lists, trends, articles, exclusive best seller lists, industry news blasts and articles by publishing professionals make Romance Daily News a must-read for romance writers and readers, librarians and book store owners.

Email us today at with any questions you may have, and for more details about our opening month special rates.

RDN is a daily online magazine promoting romance in everyday life and literature.  Founded in July of 2018 by 30-year newspaper and publishing industry veteran Lori Perkins, RDN was created to fill the gap left by the closing of the 37 year-old industry standard Romantic Times in May of 2018.

Our readers are 30 to 65 year old college educated women, who have been reading romantic fiction since their teens, and who spend a sizable portion of their disposable income on romance novels and products affiliated with that subject matter.


We are offering ads on our front page

at the following rates:


Top Front Page: 

Place your Banner on the top part of RDN’s Front Web Page: $200 per week


Lower Front Page: 

Place your Banner on the lower part of RDN’s Front Web Page: $100 per week


Upper Right Hand Side Front Page: 

Advertise on the upper right hand side of RDN’s Front Web Page:  $75 per week


Bottom Front Page: 

Advertise your Podcast, event, ebook or audio book

on the bottom of RDN’s Front Web Page:  $50 per week


As subscriber growth occurs, RDN’s ad rates will adjust, so hurry now! RDN’s ad rates for its Opening Month launch will rise as our subscriber base grows, so now is the time to get in on the Ground Floor.  Due to RDN’s free book-a-day feature to its subscriber base, RDN is anticipating a fast growth rate in subscribers. 

Other RDN  Features


RDN will feature approximately 100 monthly romance book reviews that will be free to our readers, driving more traffic to RDN’s site.  Publishers and writers who wish to submit a book for review can send those books for review consideration three months before publication, but there is no guarantee of a review. 

Express Reviews

If you cannot meet RDN’s Review deadlines, or if you want a guarantee of a review, we offer our RDN’s Express Review service for a non-refundable fee of $100.  In these cases, an appropriate reviewer selected by RDN will be assigned to review the book, and the review will be published.


RDN offers a raffle-copter service for Give-Aways of both print and digital titles which can be uploaded to our site for a $10 fee for each copy of the book given away to readers.  Authors and publishers are allowed to upload one book a day.

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