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Virtual Pride 2020

Pride may have been cancelled this year but that doesn’t mean the festivities won’t go on. Despite the cancellation of Pride parades this year, due to covid-19, many pride organizers are gathering a slew of large and small LGBTQ+ groups to organize a virtual celebration unlike any other.

Before the global pandemic pulled the world into a grounding hall this year’s Pride, celebrating the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall riots, there was to be a global tour, sweeping East to West. According to Vox, “The plan is to hold a rolling 24-hour online Global Pride on June 27, the anniversary of Stonewall, will feature musical performances, speeches, and other Pride-related content each hour.”

Alongside these performances, InterPride is organizing a WorldPride in a few different countries from all over the world. The event will allow for local prides to coordinate 15 minutes of their own. Information is still coming.

As part of a worldwide virtual event, Schitt’s Creek actor Dan Levy will be headlining a virtual June 28 event that will be broadcast on loval TV and streamed on ABC News Live, according to Washington Post. His headlining this event is fitting after an equally and emotionally six season roller coaster ride of proper LGBTQ representation and romance through characters like David, his boyfriend Patrick, and other LGBTQ+ characters sprinkled into the mix. The ending has been praised for its happily ever after of couple David and Patrick, something not represented quite often enough with the whole “kill your gays” trope (a trope where the token gay character is killed after coming to terms, or not, with their sexuality).

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