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A More Comforting Fit: Converse Releases Wedding Shoe Collection

While some couples have given in to the lire of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and, yes, even McDonald’s themed weddings, less dramatic couples are looking to spice up their ceremony on a smaller level than donning wizard robes or Winterfell styled dresses and tuxes.

And Converse has just the solution, with their new Wedding Shoe Collection designed specifically for brides who HATE high heels. And let’s be real, it’s more practical. Walking down the aisle is stressful and you never really know if a heel is going to break.

Thing’s just aren’t made like they used to be.

The styles range from high top to low top, with varying designs. Whether you want a sparkly pair to compliment your dress, a simple embroidered white design, and even a black design with gorgeous roses stitched on the backs in great detail, Converse seems to have thought of everything.

But the bride isn’t the only one who can capitalize on such a comfortable and beautiful design. Grooms will be happy to know Converse has also crafted men’s styles so you and your partner can match.

You can check out all 58 shoes in the wedding collection here:

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