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Quarter Pounders Are in the Air Tonight: McDonald’s Celebrates 50 with Unique Merch

Imagine this. You’ve had a long day at work, answering a list of emails longer than Santa Claus’ naughty and nice list, running errands for coworkers you rather not talk to, and sitting through meetings that could have just been emails. You tell your significant other, and they tell you to relax. They have something planned for you, something sweet, something to take the edge off the day.

You think a candle lit dinner, rose pedals decorating the table, and the aroma of some fresh, fancy Italian herbs and a freshly popped bottle of your favorite wine. When you come home, you’re greeted with a kiss. Your significant other leads you by the hand to the dining room table where the table is set, wine glasses and all, but there’s something wrong. The room, your place, smells of beef, when they’ve quite clearly made chicken marsala.

You look over to the counter, the golden arches of great America are etched into a freshly lit candle that’s labeled 100% Fresh Beef. You turn to your significant other. He blows you a kiss and says, “I hope you’re loving it.”

That could be a reality, whether you like it or not. As McDonalds celebrates a 50-year run, they have decided to release a wide range of merchandise that includes, “mittens, calendars, lockets, T-shirts, stickers and pins” according to the tab on their website marked “Quarter Pounder Fan Club.”

Unfortunately, and equally surprisingly, the locket, also named ‘Quarter Pounder with Love’ Locket, and the deliciously scented six-pack of Quarter Pounder Scented Candles, are sold out currently with no news of when they there will be a restock. And while there’s nothing sexier than a Quarter Pounder Scented Candle collection, I do have to admit the $30.00 Sesame Seed Umbrella and the $20.00 Big Mac Bag is sort of cute.

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