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One Anonymous High School Student Had A Message for his Fellow Students

As Valentine’s Day comes to a close, after all the chocolate has been eaten, after all the movies have been watched, and after all the dinner dates are done, let’s remember that it doesn’t take one day in the year to tell someone you love them. And that someone need not be a significant other. It could be a friend, a family member, or even a pet. Just spread the love, somehow.

One anonymous student attending Troy High School in Ohio certainly made sure to spread the love when they decided to prepare colorful origami hearts for their fellow students, and taped them to every locker in the school.

“These are individually hand written origami hearts that this person started working on back in September,” one staff member explained. “This person has been secretly storing them in their closet at home to surprise everyone today.”

Each origami heart had the message “you are loved” written on it.

After the story spread like wild fire, high schools across the nation followed. Unidentified students decorated lockers with cards, lollipops, and empowering messages scrawled by hand on paper, demonstrating to the world that sometimes all it takes is a little sunshine to make the bad clouds go away; to remind someone they matter.

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