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Some Last Minute, or planned, Valentine’s Day Gifts

We here at RDN know what you’re thinking, “RomanceDailyNews, Valentine’s Day is Friday and I STILL don’t have a gift for my significant other.” Well, like on Hallow-weekend when we predicted you and your partner would forget about that one party you had to go to for that one coworker you didn’t like and had to find a costume last minute to get dressed up in, we assumed you’d be in the same state of panic for a holiday that comes every year!

So here are ten gifts that you can literally get right now right after your morning coffee, in your pajamas, take yourself to a local store, and purchase. Just like that, Not much thought.

Of course, I can’t just write to the ill-prepared. Some of us, but not all of us, like to plan a little ahead for something we know that comes every year. So some of these gifts do require some level of planning, like, you know, knowing February 14th is Valentine’s Day every year. Nothing changes, people.

Anyway, let’s get started.

Target is Selling Rose cupcakes – For those who didn’t know, including myself, there’s a small brand named Yes Way Rose that began to sell their wines through Target stores back in February 2018. Last year in April 2019, in an attempt to expand their lineup, they introduced a whole set of new Rose products. Not only can you purchase a four-pack of cupcakes for only $3.99 (yes, I said $3.99), you can pick up Yes Way Rose’s blush-colored roses (only $17 dollars), and its jumbo cupcakes at only $2.99. Although obviously the rose in the cupcakes won’t get you drunk, that’s why you buy some Yes Way Rose wine.

Wow, it’s like someone thought of all this through marketing or something! This gift is cute and delicious, something any partner might love. It’s also a fun excuse to go all on a rose flavored binge, get drunk, and cuddle. Or maybe get a little lucky. After all, Valentine’s Day is on a Friday.

Heart Shaped Box full of Oreos - Now, I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of cookies. Seriously. In fact, whenever my boyfriend comes over I make sure to have a box ready. Once the clock strikes 9:00, it’s cookie time! My brother and his girlfriend come upstairs, my sister comes out of her room after four hours straight of not being seen, and all my dogs come begging. It’s great! This is a gift you can share, it’s cute, and it’s quick.

Also, it’s kind of like buying a box of chocolates, except for Oreo lovers. It’s also perfect for after dinner plans if you want to save some money on the jacked up fixed-menu-prices of Valentine’s Day dinners and get a little cozier at home, with your pajamas, cuddled up with your partner.

Like the Rose cupcakes, these Oreo cuties can be picked up at your local Target for only $5.00. And if you’re really running last minute, you can head on over to the Target website and actually see if your local Target carries them. Then you can schedule to pick them up, and, TADA! They’re yours.

Isn’t Valentine’s Day just magical?

Aldi’s Boozy Drink – Now, I was contemplating on putting some link to chocolate covered strawberries and calling it a day. Plus, if you’re looking for those this late in the game, I really doubt you’re going to get any fresh strawberries. But, here at RDN we have you covered.

Here’s something original, and still strawberry-flavored, for you to enjoy with your loved one on the night of Valentine’s Day.

For the 2020 Valentine’s Day season, Aldi has released their seasonal Valentine’s Day flavor Connelly’s Strawberry Country Cream to its shelves. Many have likened it to Baileys Strawberries & Cream flavor which is just yum. Although it is only 13.9% alcohol concentration, compared to the 17% bottle of Baileys Strawberries & Cream which cost $20, the Connelly’s Strawberry Country Cream is only $8.99!

Of course, this one is seasonal, so therefore stock is limited. But this one is for the planners. Sorry, last minute shoppers, but there’s a silver lining to everything. The Caramel, Mint Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice flavors will be floating around in stores, so maybe you can get lucky to snag a bottle of that. Afterall Caramel is still very much in the season of Valentine’s Day.

Mint Chocolate? Not so much.

Bath Products – If you’re a bath slut like me, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Really. One time my boyfriend bought me bubbles and I went BONKERS. Baths are a magical experience where time doesn’t exist, but, of course, water bills still do.

But besides the water bill, baths are a time to relax, let loose, and just let your stress soak away. They’re even more relaxing with some essential oils, or bath bombs, or bubbles, just to make the water silky and leave your skin feeling smooth.

I would recommend Skyorganics products. While I haven’t tried many of their products, I can vouch for their bath bombs. They’re not too heavy on the chemicals or the scents and they don’t make you feel like you’re wearing a second skin of chemicals. On top of that, they have some pretty nice scents mixed with all natural, organic ingredients they leave you fresh and renewed.

The fun thing about baths too is, if you have one big enough for your partner and you, maybe, just maybe, you’ll get invited in. Tall couples might have a problem with this. Trust me, I can speak from experience. So, for the tall folks, maybe get some nice smelling soap and lather each other up?

Galaxy Roses – if you’re fed up with giving the same old boring red roses that die after a week—and half a week if you forget to switch out the water—perhaps a galaxy rose might be for you?

Galaxy roses are filled with 20 LED fairy lights, encased in a dome. I was mostly attracted to this because it gives me strong Beauty and the Beast vibes, but also for the beautiful display of lights it gives off. I actually also ended up purchasing one of these bad boys for Valentine’s Day this year and I got a pretty good deal.

It also makes a great metaphor for love withstanding the test of time and age, since the rose doesn’t wither and die. But if you’re not poetic or anything, basically it looks pretty and gives your significant other’s room a cool, heavenly glow.

Which could also symbolize the light you bring into your significant other’s life.

Too corny? Okay, let’s start wrapping this shindig up.

But if you’re anything like me, and many others around the world, the best gift of all is… saving money. Which is exactly why you should, after making your relationship official, agree to have Valentine’s Day a day or two after the 14th, just so you can get all the discounted candies. Then your partner will think you’re not only sweet, but clever.

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