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Some Last Minute, or planned, Valentine’s Day Gifts

We here at RDN know what you’re thinking, “RomanceDailyNews, Valentine’s Day is Friday and I STILL don’t have a gift for my significant other.” Well, like on Hallow-weekend when we predicted you and your partner would forget about that one party you had to go to for that one coworker you didn’t like and had to find a costume last minute to get dressed up in, we assumed you’d be in the same state of panic for a holiday that comes every year!

So here are ten gifts that you can literally get right now right after your morning coffee, in your pajamas, take yourself to a local store, and purchase. Just like that, Not much thought.

Of course, I can’t just write to the ill-prepared. Some of us, but not all of us, like to plan a little ahead for something we know that comes every year. So some of these gifts do require some level of planning, like, you know, knowing February 14th is Valentine’s Day every year. Nothing changes, people.

Anyway, let’s get started.