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Queer Tinder Date Goes Beautifully Right And Gets Documented Through TikTok

A recent tinder date went viral recently after TikTok user namastaygay (yes, a very hysterical name), posted her tinder date in an adorably cute 37 second TikTok video that has brought in nearly five million views!

The video shows the pair meeting up at a mall for some chipotle, shopping fun, and hilarious giggles.

It kicks off with namastaygay, also known by the name Lauren (yes, not as hysterical and original as her TikTok name) preparing for her date with a cute look. With hair done, a casual black T and some light washed jeans that bring out the best of her features, I’d say she’s already off to a good start.

After driving an hour to the mall, Lauren meets her date who greets here with a shy but adorable smile, something she does every time the camera falls on her.

They make quick work of a quick bite at chipotle and headed over to Spencer’s where Lauren’s date browses some ball gags and gives a whip a few twirls.

Then on to the dressing rooms where Lauren gets to pick some clothes for her date to try on, and, let me tell you, she looks quite dapper.

Of course, they’ve learned a few things about each other, like, for example, Lauren’s date is afraid of escalators. Luckily she was able to overcome her fears together with Lauren, and they made it up the escalator without anything going wrong.

Finally, they head to Lauren’s date’s car where she surprises Lauren with a beautiful bouquet of orange flowers. The video ends with the caption, “Well that was successful!”

I most certainly would say so too!

A few days later, Lauren followed up on her TikTok with a part two explaining how she and her date go to colleges in different states so they can’t hangout anytime soon. But, luckily, they “still really like each other” and Facetime almost every day.

Can’t wait for a part three and summer time loving when the two of them will be in the same area.

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