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Hanukkah All Caked Up: Jewish Drag Queen Sherry Vine Tells the Story of Hanukkah

In the spirit of Christmas, it can sometimes seem every year Hanukkah gets outshined by the Christian holiday. Well, not anymore.

We’ve heard of Drag Queen Story Hour before, where drag queens come into public libraries to read children’s stories to kids. Yes, in full drag. Now, one drag queen, Sherry Vine (aka Keith Levy) has decided to create an eight-part Hanukkah series, titled “Oy to the World,” on her YouTube channel gaySVTVworld.

“Josh [Rosensweig of gaySVTVworld] and I have been talking about doing a Hanukkah celebration for years,” she told OUT. “Christmas has always been strongly represented in drag, but to my knowledge, no other drag queen has ever done a huge Hanukkah event like this. After putting the week’s Oy To The World’s programming together, I see why. It’s a lot of work! Christmas is just one day. Hanukkah is eight!”

Shery’s videos feature vine stars such as Mama Gott binder, singing about why Jews light one candle on the menorah, white yarmulkes dancing around, and rapping about keeping kosher and visiting the social hub that is the Jewish deli.

Maybe someday Sherry Vine’s eight-part series will make it into LGBT history in public schools to teach kids about Hanukkah? Hey, one can only dream.

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