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Woman Finds Her Husband Cheating in Local Influencers Social Media Photo

By David T. Valentin

First and foremost, if you’re not familiar with the r/BestofRedditorUpdates, you should go over there and immediately subscribe. The subreddit features post where people have told their stories, however, the updates that would normally be in individual posts are pooled into one post. The result is some really funny and sometimes sad Reddit posts.

While scrolling through Reddit, I stumbled upon one titled, “OOP finds her husband in the background of a local celebrity’s Instagram post with another woman at a local restaurant when he is supposed to be out of town.” The story was originally posted by u/apostcard in r/TrueOffMychest, but was compiled with all its updates into one post by u/figmentcat.

As the OOP (original, original poster) writes, “Last night I was scrolling down IG and there he was in the background of a local celebrity I followed. Sitting in a restaurant with his ‘friend’ from Uni. The woman who always disliked me and who he told me not to worry about. He’s been on this ‘trio’ since Monday and is supposed to come back on Monday.”

OOP originally attempted to contact the influencer on Instagram hoping to find out when the photo was taken after many Redditors said that, possibly, the photo was taken on a different day and then posted the day she viewed it. However, OOP mentioned how her husband had never mentioned meeting up with this woman in the past.

After trying to Facetime her husband and him suspiciously trying to stall, OOP took some screenshots of her husband’s Facetime background. With a little Google magic, OOP was able to find the hotel which was only 10 minutes away from their own house.

Eventually, OOP showed up at the hotel where her husband confessed to pretty much everything (along with the usual excuses).

Luckily, OOP is filing for divorce and won’t be taking any shit from her now ex-husband again.

You can read the entire post here.


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