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Will We Really Be “Revenge Shopping” When We Return?

By Lori Perkins

I read an article this morning that according to Rataken, the online consumer commerce and retailing site, this summer will be the season of “revenge shopping” because consumers have a pent up desire to buy things we couldn’t use during the pandemic. Rakaten predicts, “once the pandemic comes to a close, consumers will go out and do lots of shopping after being stuck inside for so long.”

Maybe in Beverly Hills and Palm Springs, but here in NYC, I have no desire to buy evening gowns or new “work clothes.” I have done a year in leggings and sweat pants, and am more than perfectly happy to continue that trend. And if I never wear another pair of heels again, it will be too soon. Hopefully, I will never have to put on another pair of pantyhose.

What the pandemic taught me is that I need so much less than what I already had (spring cleaning was massive this year). Less is truly more.

I recently had a birthday, and my son asked me what I wanted. I told him all I wanted was experiences and to be with my friends without a mask and see them smile. He offered to buy me a gift card to any site I wanted and even suggested I might want a new wardrobe (I lost weight during the pandemic due to a pretty serious illness not COVID-related) and I declined. What I wanted from him was a day at the museum, which we did (and it was glorious) and I did not even go into the gift shop after.

I think a lot of us realized we were almost “sport shopping” and that our lives really are much better if we just slow down and do less. During the pandemic, I ordered all my food on Instacart, which was practical and quick (my Instacart account tells me that I saved 196 hours by not physically shopping). I would much rather read a book, write an essay or have my friends over for dinner than shop. And, at the end of the day, I have more money in my account, which after the pandemic economic slowdown is more important than a new dress.


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