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Vitamin D After the Pandemic

By Lori Perkins

As we emerge from lockdown and begin to go back to whatever our new normal will be, one of the things we have to assess is what this year and half of lockdown has done to our bodies. While the media has focused on weight and exercise, there are other not-so-obvious issues we have to address as well.

I visited my new primary care doctor this week who tested my Vitamin D level, because many of us have basically stayed indoors for the past year and a half. I was extremely low on this and he has prescribed a supplement that will boost me back up. This is extremely important for women as we age because it will affect our bones and possibly cause osteoporosis (important for men too). We get our Vitamin D from the sun and none of us have been outside for over a year.

Dr. Theresa Goetz, added, “It’s also hugely important for Covid prevention and response should you get it. Studies overwhelmingly correlate high Vitamin D levels and more positive outcomes with infection and with prevention. Talk to your health care provider but it is often recommended with Vitamin K, but it’s a blood thinner so make sure it’s ok for you.”

So, go get your Vitamin D level checked when you go for that annual check up!


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