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The Year of the Advent Calendar: Companies Go All Out in the Countdown to Christmas

By Olivia Haveron

The 2020 Holiday season has officially begun as the countdown to Christmas begins now. While we start binging on holiday movies, gift shopping and Christmas carols, we become eager to spread cheer and merry spirit to everyone all around us. This year especially, since the COVID-19 Pandemic has taken control of our lives, finding the Christmas Spirit is something that more people want to seek out in 2020. And because of all of the chaos that has ensued this year, it's the perfect 2020 to be known as the Year of the Advent Calendar.

The concept of the Advent Calendar is a simple one: originally used solely as a religious item to countdown to the Holy Day, they now take on many fun and creative forms, leading up to Christmas.

To start, has highlighted 46 unique Advent calendars to brighten the holiday cheer. Beginning with the basics, there are endless -- and I truly mean endless -- chocolate advent calendars. This is what we typically picture when we think of these daily treats.

In terms of beauty products, Ulta’s 12 Days of Beauty won’t break the bank, starting at $20.00, and features everything from eyeshadow to highlighter. NYX is selling their Diamond & Ice, Please! Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar. This whole kit features lipstick and lip gloss and is a must have for makeup lovers.

Even your pets are able to enjoy the holiday season with their own calendars! Frisco’s 12 Days of Christmas Dog Advent Calendar is a toy basket that will “last much longer than your typical treat.” This is perfect for the dog that enjoys a toy for a day before forgetting about it, or so that you don’t need to buy any toys for a while. Holiday Tails Season’s Treating Advent Calendar provides your dog with a new treat every day, and even includes some daily activities that your dog will drool over.

While I could go into every area of the Advent market, goes over other products ranging in toys -- perfect for the kids who need a little Christmas fun earlier -- or the wine connoisseur who can receive a new bottle each day.

However, if you really have the money to spend, that you’re willing to spend on anything, the pricey Tiffany Co. Advent calendar might be the right buy for you. Priced at $112,000, the Advent Calendar includes 24 preselected items wrapped in the iconic Tiffany Co. Blue Box. The product went on the shelves in 2019 and the lavish price tag is worth the gifts opened each day. And of course, it’s Tiffany so it’s already not your typical calendar. Standing at five feet in height, the set is meant to be kept and be reused for years to come.

Even small businesses are getting involved in the Advent Calendar Market. This is especially important since 2020 has been an extremely difficult year for small businesses with COVID-19 making it extremely difficult for them to make major profits, with many suffering plunging sales or even having to close completely. The holiday season becomes the most important time of the year for stores, and for them hopping on the advent train not only allows shoppers to find unique new calendars, but to also support small shops that need the business to survive.

This Is Money compiled a list of small boutiques that are selling their own original advent calendars. Scandiborn is offering their “Meri Meri Unicorn Ink Stamp Advent Calendar” which reveals a different wooden stamp each day. Some of these designs include a unicorn, festive icons, and much more. Snaffling Pig is over it's “Christmas Dinner Pork Crackling Calendar” which has 24 days of pork products for you to snack on. From beers to tech -- to even vegan snacks -- This Is Money has a wide range of calendars to support these small businesses whatever your interest might be.

While 2020 might be a year of unknowns and just overall pure chaos, the Christmas season is the perfect time to end the year with some cheer. And the Advent Calendar provides a chance for everyone to get in the Christmas season early. Young, old, human or even your pets, everyone this year can enjoy a countdown to Christmas calendar.


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