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The Simpsons Character Waylon Smithers Makes Appearance With Boyfriend on Attitude Magazine

By David T. Valentin

Look out, world, The Simpsons’ character, Waylon Smithers makes history by appearing on the cover of Attitude magazine, where he and his boyfriend share a photo al la Lady and The Tramp style, a spaghetti caught between their mouths joining them together.

The fictional character came out back in November of last year (specifically season 33, episode 8). In the episode, “Portrait of a Lackey on Fire.” Waylon gets his shot of love with Michael De Graaf, a famous fashion designer voiced by Victor Garber.

In the edition of Attitude where Waylon is featured on the cover, you can actually read an interview with him on Attitude’s website where he talks about his sexuality, love interests and eventually coming out.

When asked how he identifies at this point in his life, Waylon responded, “I am as God made me – a Senior Executive Vice-president of Operations and Chief Compliance Officer."

You can read the whole interview here.


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