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The “Shocking” Choice of The Golden Bachelor

By Lori Perkins

I’m a “women of a certain age,” so you know I watched every episode of The Golden Bachelor.

And like the rest of America, I was charmed by 72 year-old Gerry Turner, who seemed to say and do almost everything right, even though his professed “love” for almost every woman he had a one-on-one date with was a little icky. I chalked it up to what’s needed to keep people watching the show.

When it came down to the final episodes, I was sure he was going to choose Faith, his first impression rose choice, the motorcycle-riding, guitar-playing teacher. Gerry seemed to genuinely have the best time with her, but I did pause when he visited her home town and she said she could never leave her horses. I kind of felt that Gerry might not be willing to leave his lake house, but was still shocked when he didn’t choose her.

When the final choice was between Leslie, the former Prince GF who was a fitness trainer, and Teresa, the mousy but widowed and smitten NJ grandmother, I was also sure he was going to go with Leslie. I was kind of surprised that Teresa made it to the finals, to tell you the truth.

It was horrible to see Leslie’s heat broken on national TV, and Gerry did lead her on, but I also understand what happened between his overnight with her and the one with Theresa. When I put myself in Gerry’s shoes, I’d choose Teresa too. Here’s why.

As we learned the day before the final episode, Gerry’s not a rich man, he’s a middle class guy who was planning on spending his two-retirement income time with his wife of 40-odd years. She died suddenly and he was living la vida uno income. I’ve been there. Let’s just say it’s not fun.

Both Leslie and Faith were doing OK, but if they were to pair up with Gerry for the long haul, he’d probably have to do a lot of the financial heavy-lifting. When Faith said she wouldn’t leave her horses, that would mean that Gerry would have to move to Washington, or have a long-distance relationship and that’s obviously not what he wanted.

Faith, while fun, had the most precarious job of the lot. Yes, she can pick up and move to Indiana where she can teach fitness, but as someone who just survived a year of cancer treatment, life can get in the way.

Teresa, on the other hand, had a really lucrative job, and a big house in NJ. She also shared the experience of losing her high school sweetheart after four decades of marriage, which made her and Gerry really understand each other, It turns out when they were having pillow talk, she told Gerry she has an adult child with kids in North Carolina, and Gerry had been looking to move to the Carolinas, and he just decided that that equation worked best for him at this stage of his life,

I would have done the same thing.

When I was younger I wanted adventure and I thought the future was endless. After a cancer, I want calm and stability.

The next phases of both their lives is going to be a different kind of adventure. I think Gerry choose wisely.


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