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The Romance of Horror Films

By Lori Perkins

Even though this online publication is titled “Romance” Daily News, you must realize by now that a large part of my heart (left ventricle, perhaps?) belongs to horror. I love the paranormal, but I also love the roller coaster ride of a good scare, which for me is akin to the trip of an emotional romance. I am pretty sure it’s why so many teen dates take place at horror movies.

But this winter’s horror offerings are scary in a new way.

I was sort of delighted when I read the articles about the copyright to Winnie the Pooh expiring making those characters universally available and that someone was making a horror movie featuring Winnie the Pooh. When the title was announced, Blood & Honey (opens Feb 15, but I am sure there are midnight showings on the 14th, just in time for Valentine’s Day), I thought it was pretty clever and I put the film on my maybe list. But the trailer is now out and instead of a deeper, clever, metaphorical horror movie about the death of childhood innocence, it appears to be a slasher with the characters from the movies come to life to haunt an adult Christopher Robbins. I’ll pass, but maybe catch it for a laugh when it hits Netflix.

I also have been keeping an eye on the trailers for Knock at the Cabin which is a family horror movie that threatens to scare the popcorn right out of me. When I saw A Quiet Place (and the sequel), I realized that one of my horror soft spots is family horror, where the stakes may be saving the world, but the real horror is how to do it within a family that is literally threatened by the immediate horror. This is one I am eagerly awaiting

Now all I have to do is convince my boyfriend to take me to the movies for Valentine’s Day (Knock at the Cabin opens Feb. 3), but he hates horror movies.


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