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The Panera BAGette

By Lori Perkins

I have been so distracted by the new Twitter alternative Spoutible, the horrific earthquakes in Turkey, and the hilarious Hunter Biden laptop Congressional hearings that I missed the news that Panera had released a limited-edition chartreuse pocketbook in which I could carry my sandwich. I was devastated to learn that this fetching foot-long bag, tongue-in-cheekily called a “BAGette” by the sandwich chain, sold out its limited stock of 500 before I could acquire it. For a mere $39 (with a gift card for a Panera sandwich inside).

According to the website, the BAGette “is donned in the beloved Panera green, designed for those looking for a pop of color and a unique touch of style in their wardrobe. The stylish structured accessory features an embossed pattern and flag magnetic closure with a custom metal “P” buckle and gold hardware. At 12” long, the BAGette is the perfect size to carry one of our new Toasted Baguette sandwiches.”

As I said, I am devastated. Not because I love Panera sandwiches, but because this would be an awesome conversation piece. I probably would not put hot sandwiches in my bag (making my pocketbook smell like cheese and meat), but cold drinks, small bottles of champagne or even hot sauce.

I am hoping that the BAGette is an annual thing and they will be launching it every year in new and different colors – hot pink, turquoise – and that if they do, I’ll somehow be on the list.


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