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Taylor Lautner Marries Taylor Dome and They are Both Taylor Lautner Now

By Lori Perkins

Image taken @taylorlautner on Instagram

The star who played the werewolf love interest in the Twilight Saga (Team Jacob) has married a woman with the same first name as him, and she has decided to take his last name, so the world now has a married couple of Taylor Lautners. This is going to be fun.

Mrs. Lautner is a nurse who was introduced to her husband by his sister. They have created a work around for the two first names by the husband going by “Taylor” and the wife by “Tay.” Some friends have also started referring to them as “boy Taylor” and “girl Taylor.”

But “boy Taylor” seems to like dating Taylors, as one of his ex’s was Taylor Swift.

Let’s hope they don’t name their children Taylor.


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