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Sprite Pies Make a Comeback

By Lori Perkins

I was today years old when I learned that “Sprite Pies” were a legitimate thing and that there were multiple recipes for them – strawberry, vanilla, BBQ (?). It turns out that these pies, made from a can of the soft drink Sprite poured into a piecrust with sugar and flour, had been cooked up during the Depression. It makes sense that this weird comfort food should make a comeback now.

According to the website Southern Plate, these pies were originally called “water pies” but somewhere along the way Sprite replaced the water (a lot of Southern dishes use soda as an ingredient) When vanilla is added to sugar and flour, with a lot of butter on top, the pie is supposed to taste like a vanilla cookie.

The basic recipe is one can of Sprite poured into a pie crust, one cup of sugar sprinkled evenly in the Sprite, half a cup of flour also sprinkled evenly in the mixture, a generous portion of vanilla, a considerable amount of butter on top and cook at 425 for half an hour, or until the pie is settled.

I learned about these pies from a video on Keith Edwards’ Twitter account, where he asked if this was a joke. But what it really shows is American ingenuity. I wonder what recipes we are going to put together from the wake of the pandemic?


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