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She-Hulk Might Be Just as Unique as WandaVision

By David T. Valentin

Okay, so maybe She-Hulk won’t be as genre defining, but the premise of She-Hulk certainly seems to be unique to Marvel and I think that’s important.

During San Diego Comic Con this year (2022) Marvel unveiled a slew of movie road maps and trailers. After all, Comic Con really is where all the magic happens for nerds.

According to the synopsis of the show, She-Hulk follows Jennifer Walters, the cousin of Bruce Banner but also just a regular lawyer. That is, of course, until she starts turning green. In the comics, Jennifer receives a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner which end up giving her all the same powers as Bruce.

According to the description of the show, She-Hulk will follow Jennifer Walters around as she navigates life as both a lawyer and a hulk. As a layer, she’ll tackle cases involving superhumans.

The show, I feel, has the perfect opportunity to really blend comedy and kick-ass action, all while weaving in some worldbuilding when it comes to the cases Jennifer Walters has to take on. Not to mention the exciting reveal of Daredevil, or Matt Murdock the lawyer, at the end of the trailer.


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