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Septuagenarian Helen Mirren Walks the Paris RunwayAnd Steals the Show

By Lori Perkins

I love this woman! Not only because she went from cute British babe of the 70s, with a role in that notorious porn flick Caligula and then played the Queen and a turn in The Fast and Furious franchise, but because she just keeps on defying our expectations of what an older woman can and should do. She is a kick-ass older woman, and I am awed.

Anyway, Helen Mirren, 76, just walked the Paris runway with the Eiffel tower looming behind her for Paris Fashion Week in five-inch heels in the rain! “I’ll be clomping down [the runway] like a giant,” she said. “I love them [my shoes], because it’s lovely to suddenly be a few inches taller, especially when you’re surrounded by all these gazelles.”

She added,” I’m English, I can do this.”

The actor left her hair natural white in an undo, and sported fabulous black eyeliner and wore a black fitted suit. Two years ago, she ran barefoot through a Paris courtyard for Fashion Week


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