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Sense8 Star Brian J. Smith Talks About Dating Life

David T. Valentin

It’s been four years since Brian J. Smith, known for his role as police officer Will Gorski in Sense8, came out, and yet the actor has been relatively quiet about his dating life and rightfully so.

But now, Smith shares an Instagram post with him and boyfriend, fellow actor, Matt Consalvo known for his role as Jason in Adam & the Water released back in 2022.

Before Smith underwent knee surgery, he posted a sweet picture of him dressed in a hospital gown and a hairnet. Beside him is now confirmed boyfriend Matt Consalvo, smiling adorably. The caption reads, “Couldn’t have done it without the love of my life.”

Back in 2019, Smith recalled always knowing he was gay but that he was too afraid to come out. He mentioned being a completely different person when in front of the big screen and even amongst peers, afraid of being judged. When was finally comfortable enough to come out, Smith was adorned with love from family, friends and fans.

Coming out is hard, and sometimes coming out in adulthood is even harder. It is always an amazing moment to hear of fairy tale endings such as this.


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