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Season Two of Canada’s Drag Race Winner Makes a Bold Statement with Fashion

By David T. Valentin

Icesis Couture, known as Steven Granados-Portelance out of drag and also the winner of season two of Canada’s Drag Race, comes out with a stunning dress with a fierce commentary on LGBTQ+ legality.

Just yesterday, the season two winner of Canada’s Drag Race posted a picture of her in a long, flowing dress with a patterned design of different countries’ flags. Each flag represents a country that has yet to legalize and adopt LGBTQ+ representation. When a country adopts such legislation, Couture replaces the flag with an LGBTQ+ flag.

The bulk of the dress and the length of the dress show just how, although many countries have adopted protective legislation for their LGBTQ+ citizens, many countries have not. And as Couture updates the dress with an LGBTQ+ flag, it tells people how slowly such legislation comes about.

“The Amsterdam rainbow dress is made up of all the national flags from countries where homosexuality is illegal,” Couture says.” On penalty of imprisonment, torture, or capital punishment. When a country adopts LGBTI+ inclusive legislation, the respective flag shall be replaced with a rainbow flag.”

She writes later on in the same thread, “My hope is one day in the near future I will wear this dress again but covered in rainbow flags as we celebrate a world finally fully united in equality, love & acceptance!”


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