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Romancing the Vote Raises Over $200,000 For Stacey Abrams

By Lori Perkins

In just four days of bidding, Romaneclandia raised over $200,000 in an auction whose proceeds will be donated to Stacey Abrams' organization, Fair Fight, and “to support the right of every person for safe and easy access to fair voting.”

Last year, some of the biggest names in romance came together to create a fundraiser to help Stacey Abrams (a romance writer herself) get the vote out for the Georgia run-off, raising $500,000 in Romancing the Run-off.

Romancing the Vote 2022 was organized by Alyssa Cole, Courtney Milan, Kit Rocha and Tessa Dare as well as an army of volunteers.

The appropriately named auction launched on Valentines Day and closed on the 18th.

In addition to such wonderful romance items as a one-hour zoom with best-selling authors Beverly Jenkins or Suz Brockman, book jewelry, writing and editing consultations, there were also some non-romance items that created a bidding frenzy. These included a four-person private Dungeons and Dragons game curated by a Marvel Avengers’ TV writer which went for nearly $1,000 or a signed copy of Robert Jordan’s first novel from his Wheel of Times series which went for over $500.

You can still just make a donation by visiting

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