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Rock Legend Pamela Des Barres Host Vegas Party for New Book

By Lori Perkins

What does the world’s most famous groupie do when she becomes a woman of a certain age? She teaches other women to write their stories.

Pamela Des Barres, the world’s most famous groupie, author of the classic I’m with the Band (and four other best-selling titles) has spent the past 25 years of her life teaching other women to write their truth. She has created in-person and online writing classes throughout the world and has brought together 59 of her students’ best work in the just published Miss Pamela’s Writing School for Electric Ladies.

Her writing students, whom she calls her “dolls,” come to Las Vegas once a year (no convention during the pandemic) for DollCon. This year they will be reading and singing the new book at a party at Copper Cat Books, a local suburban Vegas bookstore, on Friday October 14th.

A classic rock band, 66 Sunset, will be performing at the bookstore that evening and light refreshments will be served.

Wendy Marcisofsky, proprietress of Copper Cat Books, shared her excitement about hosting the book launch at her store. “As a child ‘born of the 50's’ growing up in the 60's; I watched it all; from the Beatles on Ed Sullivan to all the ‘bad boys’ who also made the cut on "Ed's" show. When I learned about the opportunity to host this author; I thought ‘what fun’ and now, here we are!!

The event is open to the pubic and will be held on Friday night October 14th at Copper Cat Books from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., 1570 West Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite 170, Henderson, NV.


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