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Riverdale Avenue Books is Embracing BookTok

By Bella Cannizzo

You know when you are trying to decide if you want to buy a book.  So, you look at the back of it.  Read the blurbs.  Maybe, you Google a short summary, or try to find reviews.  Maybe, you call your friend, and ask her what she is currently reading.  It is a little bit of a tricky process because you want to buy something you actually want to read. 

Imagine seeing a 15-second video summarizing a book, talking about the best part, or explaining why you should read it., or the back story about how it was written or how it got published.  Well, perhaps you have, because that is a BookTok on TikTok.  Many young readers and authors are creating these videos to help generate conversation going about certain books, which are mostly romances.  People recommend and review current popular reads.  They are super cool and entertaining to watch but there are so many other books out there. 


Riverdale Avenue Books has  been working with traditional social media–Facebook, X, Insta and Pinterest. Riverdale Avenue Books usually uses word-based social media, but recently realized this is also an important platform to tell people about our books as TikTok  has a larger more interactive audience.  In order to spread the word on what is going on with previous and future books at the company, it was time we entered the BookToks realm. 

So, follow our new Tik Tok page and join us in this new adventure! 



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