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Reba McEntire Dating Fellow The Hammer Actor Rex Linn

By Lori Perkins

Perhaps you were distracted from romantic gossip this past week due to the battle for the Speaker of the House position and/or the War of the Sussexes? But barely any media covered the romance of one of country music’s greatest stars (a pretty big entertainment personality) Reba McEntire. I had to read about it on Yahoo Entertainment!

So while you were shaking your head over the aforementioned antics, Reba and Rex (that has a nice ring to it) went public after two years of dating. They have known each other for more than three decades (32 years!), having worked together as actors on multiple TV shows, including her latest, The Hammer, but were just friendly colleagues until McEntire’s second divorce after 26 years of marriage was finalized. Then, suddenly, they seemed to really notice each other.

But COVID had other plans for the couple. They were unable to be together for most of the early months of their courtship, talking and writing to each other constantly during the lockdown, which, IMHO, made them both get to really know each other on a level our formally busy lives just didn’t allow. When Reba’s mother passed away in 2020, Linn braved all COVID obstacles to be by her side, and the die was cast.

It’s no wonder that this time around McEntire says that the relationship is deep and easy, and that there’s real joy when the two of them are working together.


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