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Rainbow Love (and Hate) and More Love for a Texas Bakery

By Lori Perkins

A small bakery run by three sisters in Lufkin, Texas made some heart-shaped rainbow Pride cookies, which they joyfully posted on their Facebook page with the words, “More Love, Less hate. Happy Pride to all our LGBTQ friends! All lovers of cookies and happiness are welcome here.”

That post was too quickly followed up by the disheartening news that a customer who has ordered five dozen cookies for the next day had cancelled their order due to the Pride post and the bakery now had a surplus of cookies (and had been struggling to make ends meet). They asked patrons to please stop by for cookies, if they could.

To their surprise and joy, there was a line around the block the next morning of customers who came out to support the bakery and Pride.

A second post announced that the bakery had sold out of EVERYHING. And that a new batch of Pride cookies would be ready the following day!



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