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Political Commentator Krystal Ball Engaged with Podcast Co-Host Kyle Kulinski

By David T. Valentin

Image Taken from Krystal Ball's Twitter

Just a week ago, political commentator Krystal Ball said yes to Kyle Kulinski’s proposal and shared their special moment through planned photographs of the moment.

Krystal Ball is known as the former host of The Hill’s Rising segment, in where a conservative and progressive populist commentator delivers news with some commentary on political events. Ball co-hosted with conversative populist Saagar Enjeti. The two eventually went on to host the podcast Breaking Point.

Shortly after, Krystal Ball and Kyle Kulinski teamed up to make their own podcast named, Krystal Kyle & Friends. Fans of the show noticed the two were growing closer to each other even prior to Krystal leaving Rising.

It wasn’t until February 14th of 2022 that Kyle confirmed that Krystal and him are dating after he had posted a selfie with Krystal as he planting a kiss on her cheek.


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