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Playboy Puts Gay Man on Its Cover

By Lori Perkins

Image Taken From Bretman Rock's Twitter

It’s a staggeringly beautiful cover, but that’s not what’s making history.

The objectifying men’s magazine, Playboy, has done for (or to?) a man what it has done to women for six decades now, but many male readers are not pleased.

Bretman Rock, a 23 year-old Filipino model, became the first man to don the Playboy bunny suit. ears and cuffs on its digital cover (the magazine stopped print during the pandemic). However, he is not the first man to have graced the cover – Ezra Miller, Paul Rudd and Bad Bunny have been there before, but he is certainly the first openly gay man.

The Playboy Instagram account quoted Rock as saying, “For Playboy to have a male on the cover is a huge deal for the LGBT community, for my brown people community and it’s all so surreal. A total ‘is this even fucking happening right now?’ type of vibe. And I’m so pretty.”

All I can say is that I hope this is a new trend and that maybe we’ll see Lil Nas X next?


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