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People Think Pete Davidson Deserves Sexiest Man Alive?

By David T. Valentin

While scrolling along to find some articles to write I found the news that Chris Evans will be crowned People’ssexiest man alive in 2021. The news broke Thursday of last week, according to Page Six. And rightfully so. I mean, after all he has America’s ass.

While it has not been officially confirmed by People just yet, as they’ve reportedly said they “Don’t comment on speculation,” it was inevitable Evans would eventually receive the nomination.

But as I was scrolling through my sources, looking for quotes and what not, I stumbled on another article by Slate that had me both giggling and perplexed. The headline read, “How Can People Name Chris Evans the Sexiest Man Alive Over the Obvious Choice?” with none other than a comparison between Chris Evans and... Pete Davidson?

Yes, that’s right. Slate tried to compare Chris Evans to Pete Davidson. “How has no one burst into the Peopleprinting press and yelled, ‘Stop the presses!’?” They wrote. “That’s what happens in the movies when huge news breaks after an issue’s already been put to bed-and news with immediate, sweeping implications for the ranking of this planet’s sexy men has unquestionably broken over the last few days. I trust you’ve heard about Pete and Kim?”

The online magazine goes on to go into detail about the strange sightings of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian together in unusual places, like Staten Island. Calm down, I’m from Staten Island and let me tell you although everyone doesn’t like to admit it, Kim Kardashian hanging around New Dorp Lane on Staten Island with Pete Davidson some was certainly not the timeline I expected to be living in.

But let’s be real. I admit, Davidson does have a charm to him. Not so much the golden retriever energy Chris Evans exudes but more so like... that sort of cute bulldog that stands in one corner and just grills you from the other side of the room.

Davidson is quirky, sometimes charming, but awkward. And maybe that’s what has Kim K. (and Slate, apparently), so intrigued by him and this pairing. But just because you date high end doesn’t mean you are high end. I don’t mean that as an insult toward Pete Davidson but more so as a cautionary warning to the comedian.

I think, he deserves to date someone who’s not so wrapped up with a family whose whole schtick is marketing their family drama and gossip. But hey, who knows. Never judge a book by its cover, right? Maybe Davidson is the perfect down to earth goofball who just let’s Kim K. be who she really is when the cameras are off. Who knows, really.


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