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Oscar Mayer Bologna Face Mask?

By Lori Perkins

I am a face mask fanatic. Every time I go into a store selling beauty and wellness supplies, I browse the aisles and usually come out with at least one. It’s an addiction that is almost as bad as books.

If you’re like me you went from simple clay and/or avocado face masks to all sorts of new and weird (and wonderful) additions such as charcoal, gold and CBD. But lunch meat? I think I just might draw the line there.

In a press release, the Kraft Heinz Company, which owns the Oscar Mayer brand, announced that it would be releasing "bologna-inspired" moisturizing face masks for sale on Amazon for $4.99.

"As a nod to what makes Oscar Mayer iconic, the brand is releasing the real deal: a bologna-inspired face mask that rejuvenates your skin while recapturing that childhood joy," they stated.

The mask is described as a “Bologna Hydrogel Sheet Face Mask” with “Witch Hazel Botanical and seaweed-derived ingredients to protect and hydrate.”

Oh, and it really isn’t bologna (although it looks exactly like the round meat product) and you can’t, and shouldn’t eat it, so keep it away from kids and don’t store it in the frig.

Maybe this is a good gag Valentine’s Day gift – or a Galentine’s Day project if you and your besties are stuck watching the SuperBowl on the 13th?


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