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Offbeat Holiday Gifts

By Lori Perkins

This is a year I have done most of my holiday shopping over the internet because I had a family member in the hospitals for most of the month.

I LOVE getting and giving quirky presents that are not like everyone else’s, so the stream of email blasts from giant retailers usually has no appeal for me or my friends.

One of the gifts I sent out was a selection of politicians who have inspired me these past few years. I followed the FCTRY kickstarter when they announced figurines of AOC and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, but I also completed my selection this year with a Nancy Pelosi in pink with her gavel. They also have a Stacey Abrahams. These figurines (perfect for the office) are about $20 with shipping and handling.

I also wanted to thank my medical professionals (I am a cancer survivor, so have doctors I have grown close to). I buy them New York City themed calendars and date books from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which right now are on sale for 50% off.

And I also have sent gift baskets in the past, but I never know how good the selection is. This year I was sent a sample of Wildgrain, which is a box of frozen bread doughs which included cinnamon rolls (pumpkin for fall), cranberry bread, croissants (the flakiest I’ve ever made at home, sour dough and a few others. You can subscribe monthly for about $90, or just buy when you want (or send as a gift), but this is am amazing gift (feel free to send me one).


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