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Minnie Mouse Gets a Pantsuit Makeover And I’m Not Sure How I feel About It

By Lori Perkins

Minnie Mouse has never meant much to me. She’s always been the female sidekick to Mickey, who has always been the Disney brand mascot (except in Steamboat Willie and Fantasia), but I know the Mouse couple are sort of American ambassadors.

Over the years, I have basically stopped wearing dresses to work. I am exponentially more comfortable in dress legging and pantsuits. Dresses are for summer days, evenings out, weddings and funerals. So, it makes sense to evolve Minnie’s clothing to a more contemporary and equitable style, especially if the aforementioned pantsuit is designed by beloved and popular designer Stella McCartney.

Not only is Minnie giving up the red and white polka dotted dress with petticoat, but she’s also stepping out of her yellow high heels into simple black flats, which I can certainly applaud.

As a young girl, I could certainly play better in the pantsuit outfit, but for a Halloween costume, the polka dot dress would win every time.

I guess we’ll just have to see how children react to the new design, as well as Disney collectors.

Let’s hope this new design doesn’t turn into New Coke for Disney.


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