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Maya Hawke, Stranger Things Actor, Wants Her Character to Either Have A Spinoff or Get Killed Off

By David T. Valentin

As the year continues to tick on, we draw closer and closer to the series finale of Stranger Things. And as we get closer and closer, fans debate which Stranger Things character will meet their end.

With the stakes higher than ever and the chance of death almost inevitably unavoidable as the Upside Down bleeds into our heroes’ world, Maya Hawke weighs in on what she wants to happen to her fan-beloved character, Robin.

While it’s a fairly well known thing the Duffer Brothers don’t enjoy killing off anyone from the main cast, Maya Hawke hopes that if Robin ends up on the chopping block that she at least gets a heroic and honorable death.

“Well, it’s the last season, so people are probably going to die,” Hawke said. “I would love to die and get my hero’s moment. I’d love to die with honor, as any actor would.”

Maya may be fine with her character dying off, but she did propose a second option: a spinoff with her and Joe Keery as Robin and Steve Harrington.

“Normally I wouldn’t really be a proponent of a spin-off,” Maya said, “but if I got to do it with Joe Keery, I would do anything. He’s so funny and wonderful and smart, and he’s got great boundaries. He’s an excellent coworker, and I would do anything with him.”

The duo have been a comedic pair ever since Robin’s introduction back in Season Three when she and Steve were only Scoops Ahoy coworkers. The pair grew closer and closer as they were further forced into life and death situations with each other, but it wasn’t until Robin privately came out to Steve, who accepted Robin for who she is, until fans really, really started rooting for the friendly couple.


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