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Maude Apatow Set to Star in Little Shop of Horrs

By Aaron Schoepf

Recently, a new (and surprising!) actress has joined Little Shop of Horrors off-broadway. Maude Apatow, most known for her role as Lexi in the television show Europhia, will play as Audrey from February 7th through April 2nd, 2023. Lena hall will continue her role as Audrey after April 2nd. The other actors in Little Shop of Horrors are so excited to be working with her on her run as Audrey. Maude is making her broadway debut with this roland Little Shop of Horrors was actually the show that got Maude into the world of performing, and now that show gets to be her professional debut!

Maude also went to school for musical theater before dropping out in her sophomore year. I am especially excited to see how she tackles the role of Adurey, and if she will keep acting on broadway! She is a great actor on screen, so it will be very interesting to see how she tackles the stage.


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