top of page’s Satan/2020 Ad (with Ryan Reynolds?)

By Lori Perkins

In case you don’t watch Hulu, there’s a distinct possibility that you may not have been startled from your pandemic binging by the bizarre, yet oddly charming, ad for featuring Ryan Reynolds as Satan looking for love in all the wrong places.

Turns out his perfect match is the year 2020.

Their courtship unfolds to the soundtrack from Taylor Swift's "Love Story." Swift confirmed actor Ryan Reynolds had reached out to her about using her re-recorded song "for a LOLsome commercial he wrote."

The commercial goes on to give us a glimpse into the couple's dating journey in some very 2020 scenes.

  • They have a picnic on the field of an empty football stadium (where the end zones are painted with "WTF").

  • They hit the local gym where every other treadmill is closed due to social distancing.

  • They're the only two enjoying a movie at the theater.

  • 2020 makes off with an armful of toilet paper she steals from a public bathroom.

  • Satan fights to keep 2020 from pulling him into a church.

  • Then, they take a selfie in front of an actual dumpster fire.

"I just don't want this year to end," Satan says as meteors come crashing down to Earth.

"Who would?" 2020 responds.

As the title of the ad says, it's a match made in Hell.


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