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Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song Welcome Their First Baby

By David T. Valentin

Image Taken from @brendasong on instagram

For those who have been living under a rock these past week, Macaulay Culkin, known for his role as Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, and Brenda Song, known for her role in various Disney films and shows, welcomed their first child on April 5th.

Now, although I’ve seen news of their very first child, I couldn’t help but think, when the hell did these two get together? And it makes sense. According to a Popsugar article on the timeline of Song and Culkin’s relationship, the two had been privately dating for four years now and refrain, as much as possible from PDA in public. Afterall, the two know what it’s like to be bombarded by paparazzi as famous child actors.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Brenda Song after the couple had been spotted on a double day, Song opened up about their relationship and shared a few details on how the two met. According to Song, the two bonded over their experiences as childhood actors while working on the film Changeland in Thailand. And, I guess, afterwards it has been fireworks for the two ever since.

In 2018 after the couple had moved in after two years of being with one another, but still weren’t sharing many details about their relationship. In an interview with US Magazine, Song said, “ I don’t like to talk about my personal life, but everything’s wonderful and I’m happy.”

But just two years after that, Culkin opened up in an interview with Esquire Magazine (which you can read in full after you’ve purchased a membership) about their relationship, mentioning that he was waiting for the relationship to go South because it was “unusually good”.

Culkin thought, “And it’s always gonna drop. Something Bad’s gonna happen. Someone’s gonna die!” But Luckily, nothing went wrong, and nobody died! And now, in 2021, they welcome their first baby girl, named Dakota Song Culkin in memory of Culkin’s sister Dakota who died in 2008.

In a statement issued by to Times, “Mother, father and baby are all healthy and happy. We are overjoyed.”

And honestly? We all are, too!


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