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Lizzo Makes an Appearance as Baby Yoda, Grogu

By David T. Valentin

Now, everyone loves a celebrity appearance in a place you least expect them to show up. That’s why when Lizzo showed up at a Spotify event dressed up as baby Yoda, Grogu from Star Wars everyone was delighted.

It’s still a bit of a developing story and we’re not sure which event it was as of yet, but from a TikTok video posted by user @notolsennchris with the 33 year-old singer showing off on the stage.

With her skin painted green from the chest up, along with her hands, complete with Grogu’s iconic ears and beige jedi coat, Lizzo took to the stage to sing as fans cheered her on.

After she was done, she threw back the mic with an iconic mic drop, slipped on a pair of glasses and hobbled her way off the stage staying in character the whole way out.

Then, earlier today literally after writing this article, Lizzo posted a bunch of videos, one with bits of her running around outside and taking pictures with fans as the iconic remix of the Cantina Band theme blasts in the background.

This isn’t the first time this week Lizzo caught the attention of the internet. Earlier in the week, she had Sarah Paulson make not one but two videos recreating Sarah Paulson’s viral TikTok sound “The Killer is escaping” trend.

With good vibes only, Lizzo has become a bit of an internet favorite on TikTok and we’re totally here for it.


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