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Let’s Skip New Year’s Resolutions This Year

By Lori Perkins

I have been making New Year’s resolutions for decades, and by now they have become somewhat routine, as I just reboot what I hoped to accomplish the year before (which is pretty standard for anyone over 18).

  1. Loose Weight

  2. Take better care of myself

  3. Make more money

  4. Save more money

  5. Finish creative projects (which for me means write more)

The reality is that this year – this 2020 – I lost nine months, so I did not really have a full year to rebuild from. Who can exercise when the gyms are closed? Who can make more money when everything is shut down? Who can realistically take better care of herself when she can’t leave the house or see friends and family?

This year I am giving myself a break with no New Year’s resolutions. I know my new year won’t really start until I can get the vaccine and New York City opens up again and that won’t be until late spring or early summer, at best. So I am going to take the pressure to “do” more than get to spring in one piece off of myself. I am going to acknowledge how hard this year has been and how much of an accomplishment it was to get here, and how hard it will be to get to wherever it is we are going.

That’s it!

But I am going to be thankful for 2020 to end and a new year to begin and hopeful that 2021 will be better.


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