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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Deals You Can Get

By David T. Valentin

Although Valentine’s is today, it doesn’t quite feel like a romantic day to celebrate. In fact, the day seems to have snuck up on us rather quickly. With certain restaurants across the country either shut down, at limited capacity, or just opening up again, it might be hard to get a dinner reservation. But why go out to eat when you can eat from the safety of your home? Select restaurants around the country are giving their customers safe options and deals in order to bring Valentine’s day to you.

Olive Garden: Now i know Olive Garden gets a lot of hate for being bootleg Italian food, but you know what? It’s good for its price and they’re offering a To Go Dinner for Two for only $38.99. The deal comes with Olive Garden’s fan favorite bread sticks, soups or salads, a five-cheese ziti al forno or chicken alfredo with a choice of a dessert to share: either black tie mousse cake or tiramisu.

For those looking to make the day about family, Olive Garden also has a family to go deal. For only $48.99 you get one pan of freshly prepared and chilled lasagna classico that serves 4, 1 jumbo house salad, 1 bottle of signature Italian salad dressing and 12-ready-to-bake garlic bread sticks. The lasagna comes with easy baking instructions and is prepared in estimate 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Hooters: if you’re a wing lover or just looking for a free appetizer of wings to compliment whatever entrée you choose for the night; Hooters is giving away free ten boneless wings. However, there’s a catch; you have to shred a picture of your ex, either in the store or online. If you’re doing it online, you fill out this quick and cute quiz which ask you a few questions about your break up. Then, you upload a photo and you get your wings. Not only is this an easy way for couples to get free wings, but it’s also a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a few friends if you’re recently single for Valentine’s Day!

Krispy Kreme: Although not a deal for whomever you’re celebrating the day with, Krispy Kreme came out with an adorable little collection of doughnuts for those with a sweet tooth. The collection features four new gorgeously decorated doughnuts: a cake batter kreme, dipped in red icing with heart sprinkles; a sugar cookie heart; a strawberries and kreme; and a chocolate caramel heart filled with caramel kreme. The description alone just makes my mouth water!

Girl Scout Cookies: Although this seems like an unlikely addition to a Valentine’s Day list for cute date ideas, I love Girl Scout cookies so much that I imagine many other people would be delighted to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a box. Although the deal began February 1st, February 14th will be the last day to order Girl Scout cookies from GrubHub free of delivery with orders $15 or more. So, you if you haven’t placed your Girl Scout Cookies order, there’s no time better than now! Plus, it’s contactless and safe for you and the Girl Scouts.

Martha Stewart Wine: And what Valentine’s Day would be complete without a bottle of wine or celebratory sparklers to share? With the code VALENWINE30 you can get ANY bottle of anything you want for 30% off, ensuring that you, your partner or friends will be ending the night a little lighter than you started.

And if you’re on the wild side, or just want to relax or give the gift of relaxation, Martha Stewart is also offering a Valentine’s Day heart-shaped box of 72 of her CBD-infused berry gummies through the Canopy store, with a 25% discount, through February 19th,


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