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Kit Connor Trains with Nathaniel Massiah for his Next Film

By David T. Valentin


Nathaniel Massiah, a well-known fitness influencer in the UK, took the internet by storm when he dropped behind the scene photos of him and Heartstopper rising star, Kit Connor.

The photos featured both Nathaniel and Kit training in a video that Nathaniel released later in the day, several hours after the Instagram post was posted. One photo of Kit Connor shirtless and pumped up with a six pack had many Heartstopper fans swooning.

But what really intrigued fans about Nathaniel Massiah’s post on YouTube was that he titled the video “Training Movie Star KIT CONNOR For His Next Film.”

With rumors circulating around the Marvel fandom of Joe Locke—Kit Connor’s co-star and co-lead in Netflix’s Heartstopper adaptation—playing Wiccan, people are starting to think Kit Connor may feature as his half-Kree, half-Skrull boyfriend, Teddy Altman.

Teddy Altman is now the ruling leader of the Kree and Skrull empires in recent comic adaptations. He rules now married to Billy Kaplan, also known as Wiccan and The Scarlet Witch’s son.

After Heartstopper released, fans of Wiccan and Hulkling (Teddy’s superhero name) were hoping to see both Joe Locke and Kit Connor play alongside each other as each respective character. There has even been art done by Alice Oseman, creator of the webcomic Heartstopper and the source material to Netflix’s series, that features Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson dressing up as Wiccan and Hulkling for Halloween.

Considering Kit Connor’s recent intense training with Nathaniel Massiah and his body beefing up, it’s not unlikely that Connor has squared such a role or perhaps another role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, Kit is one of the hottest rising stars right now, and what better way to bring in new fans of the MCU by bringing both him and Joe Locke on to the scene?


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