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Kit Connor and Maia Reficco Set to Star in A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow Adaptation

By David T. Valentin

Image taken from Maia Reficco's Instagram

It is no small secret of the internet that, after the massive success of Heartstopper Season One actor Kit Connor, who played Nick Nelson, is now teen’s internet heartthrob of this generation along with the rest of the Heartstopper cast. With that fame comes new roles, and now, Kit is set to star as tea shop clerk Orion Maxwell in an adaptation of Laura Taylor Namey’s bestselling novel A Cuban’s Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow.

Connor is joined by none other than Maia Reficco playing main character Lila Reyes. Maia, an up-and-coming actress herself, has starred in a few movies prior but none that has launched her to fame like the Pretty Little Liars spinoff Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin streamed exclusively on HBO Max.

According to the description in The New York Times, the bestselling novel A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow “centers on Lila’s story after her grandmother passes away. Having spent most of her life at her Abuela’s Cuban bakery in Miami, Lila moves to Winchester to spend the summer cooking at her aunt’s inn. She finds herself charmed by British countryside and, more specifically, a charming tea shop clerk.”


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