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Karen Destroys Child’s Chalk Art – Voice Actor Tara Strong Looks to Make Things Better

By David T. Valentin

Just yesterday, an old video from 2020 went viral of a child crying as their guardian consoled them while a grumpy lady took a hose to a child’s chalk art believing it is just a “mess.”

In the video, the woman heartlessly sprays a parking lot full of chalk art a child has done during a sunny day. As she sprays away the chalk, she smugly asks the child “What do you do when it rains?” and continues to explain that she doesn’t want to look at “such a mess” because she “lives here.”

Voice actor Tara Strong, known for her iconic work as Harley Quinn in DC animated projects, Raven from Teen Titans, Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls and many other roles, took to Twitter to make things right.

Quote tweeting the video, Tara writes, “Anyone know this kid? I want her to draw something & then get someone dope to animate it & then I’ll voice it.”

Although the video is from back in 2020 and went viral after the video was submitted to the B**** subreddit, it’s a nice piece of humanity to see people still with empathy trying to do the right thing.


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