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JoJo Siwa First “Dancing with the Stars” Contestant to Have a Same-Sex Partner

By David T. Valentin

JoJo Siwa returns to television to mix up Dancing with the Stars with the very first same-sex dance partner. The 17-year-old entertainer announced her news on social media, through a very preppy video, saying, “I am SO excited to be a part of this years Dancing with the Stars, season 30 AND to be dancing with a girl. I think it’s SO cool.”

Just back in January, Siwa came out to the world as being part of the LGBTQ+ community and, while there was plenty of backlash against the child entertainer, many celebrities, fans, and people flocked to support Siwa on her journey.

Siwa’s coming out was a huge deal to the children’s entertainment industry. The 17-year-old has captivated children’s attention with her positive, energetic, and colorful personality, both literally and figuratively speaking. With her being such a popular celebrity in children’s entertainment, Siwa’s coming out gives children permission not only to continue questioning their sexuality if they are having those thoughts, but demonstrates LGBTQ+ youth are deserving of their own happiness to be themselves and follow their dreams.

In an interview with Good Morning America Siwa says, “I’m so happy that I get to dance with another girl. I think this is going to make it normal for people around the world. I always said, obviously, you can love who you want to love. That’s known all around the world, of course, and that’s the message I’ve been spreading, especially to a younger generation, but now I’m able to say, you can dance with who you want to dance with.”

With so many dances having a lead in a dance, usually dictated by one’s gender, it offers Siwa and her partner some interesting room to play around. As the world watches, will Siwa bend the gender roles of dancing, spice it up a little? Even if she doesn’t, we all know she’ll give us a good show.


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