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Joe Jonas’ Divorce Becomes a Meme

By David T. Valentin

In the midst of Joe Jonas filing for divorce with Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, he has become a meme. Since rumors and then confirmation of Joe Jonas filing for divorce not even a week ago, it seems like a slew of slanderous gossip about Sophie Turner being a “bad wife” and “partying mom” has been released into the public, thus putting the internet’s investigative skills to the test. And the verdict? Sophie Turner is not guilty, and Joe Jonas is lying about much of the gossip released to the public about Turner given the vaguest of explanations for the divorce.

The internet is calling it for what it is: Mom slandering. It is nothing more than Joe Jonas getting ahead of the story to wrangle fans to his side, but nobody is really buying it. Most recently, TMZ has stated that multiple sources close to the Jonas’ Brothers told them that Joe had caught on their Ring camera Sophie Turner doing or saying something that made Joe know their marriage was over.

As of today, it has not been stated what it was that Joe Jonas saw.

With such vague slander coming seemingly from Joe Jonas’ team, the internet has taken it upon themselves to speculate the reason for the couple’s divorce.

Take, for example, this reddit thread titled: What did Joe Jonas catch Sophie Turner doing or saying on their Ring Camera? Wrong answers only.

User im_flying_jackk writes: “My favourite quote from her was something like, ‘I always said I wouldn’t date another actor, and after seeing Camp Rock 2 I knew Joe was safe’” lol.

On TikTok, user @katielivingoutloud compiled a set of tweets that had me hollering.

Will we ever know the truth of why Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorced? Probably. Will it ever top what the memes are saying? Nope!


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