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Jezebel to Close

By Lori Perkins

I was going to write about my week of NaNoWriMo-ing (will do next) or Megan Fox’s debut book of poetry, Pretty Boys are Poisonous (I might write about that too), which I read about in Jezebel and then realized that I’d received a text from a colleague that Jezebel, the 16 year-old feminist, female-centric publication, was closing.

The Guardian reported this morning that the new owners announced they were closing Jezebel as of Thursday, laying off 23 people with no plans for the online publication to return. In The New York Times, Jim Spanfeller, the CEO of Jezebel’s new owner, G/O Media said, that “economic headwinds rattling our business” and shifting audience priorities had caused them to cancel publication indefinitely. “Unfortunately, our business and the audiences we serve across our networks did not align with Jezebel’s.”

The CEO explained that the parent company had tried to sell Jezebel and there were more than two dozen potential buyers, but ultimately they were unsuccessful in finding a buyer.


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