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Jennifer Coolidge Makes Her First TikTok and It’s as Iconic as You Might Expect

By David T. Valentin

Just three days ago the Iconic Jennifer Coolidge created her TikTok account which she shared to the world her first ever TikTok featuring none other than pop singer Jennifer Lopez herself.

In the actor’s first ever TikTok, appropriately captioned, “My First TikTok!,” Jennifer can be seen glammed up as she speaks into the camera. For her first TikTok, she decided to recite a poem, and went on to recite Jennifer Lopez’s early ‘2000s hit song “Jenny from the Block.”

Coolidge then turned the camera to the side, where she revealed JLo herself sitting, draped over a chair. “I like that,” Lopez said. “I really, really like that!”

In only three days, Jennifer Coolidge has amassed 1.7M likes, 33.8K comments, 40.9K bookmarks, and 79.7K shares with only one TikTok video.

Earlier this month, Coolidge trended after she said a lengthy and hilarious speech after accepting her Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series/Anthology or Motion Picture Made for Television for her role as heiress Tanya in the second season of HBO’s White Lotus series created by Mike White.

With Jennifer Coolidge already being a one-liner queen, it’s guaranteed the actor will be thrust into the zeitgeist that is our pop culture. And who knows? Perhaps she might find new fans amongst Gen Z.


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